• Service Contract Act (SCA) Compliance


    You won a federal contract to conduct a research study.

    Wait, but how will you staff your project, onboard hires, and ensure SCA compliance? Here is where Headway comes in.


    With multiple clients supported and over 80,000 timecards processed under SCA, we know a thing or two about paying your researchers a fair, legal wage.

    About SCA

    Under the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act (SCA) of 1965, all service workers in the United States and DC earn fair compensation for their work under federal service contractors. Enforced by the Department of Labor (DOL), the Service Contract Act (SCA) requires that service workers receive, at a minimum, the locally prevailing wage rate and fringe benefits. The DOL establishes wages and fringe benefits for the type of work performed. It then publishes wage determinations by state and county with overall minimum pay rates and fringes.


    The contracting officer determines the applicability of the SCA to a particular contract, and the effective date of the agreement defines the applicable wage determination version. Fringe benefits under SCA include cash payout for health and welfare up to 40 hours per week and holiday and vacation pay (when earned) prorated using average working hours.

    SCA & Headway

    Headway created proprietary system processes and standard operating procedures to administer proper compensation and documentation rules under the Service Contract Act (SCA). Our staff appropriately notifies an employee if SCA applies to their current project, explains the SCA pay rate, and instructs the employee how to calculate benefits under the act. Headway’s payroll system completely automates the rules for eligibility and the calculation of the payment amount. Also, Headway automatically applies SCA rules and requirements into the standard payroll pay process.


    Each wage determination published by the DOL contains a list of counties, occupations, prevailing pay rates, and benefits. Headway created a consolidated list of zones that cover one or more wage determinations. There are currently over 1,000 individual zones covering all locations in the United States. Headway has created and maintains a system database that contains all 1,000+ wage determinations provided by the DOL. Benefits required under SCA by location are also automatically calculated and added to the employee compensation by the system.

    • Proprietary system for tracking SCA Pay Rates & Benefits by Work Location
    • All 3,242 US Counties mapped to SCA Zones
    • Automatic calculations for Health & Welfare, Holiday, & Vacation pay
    • Sick pay hours accrued weekly
    • Multiple clients supported
    • 83,000+ timecards processed under SCA

    Don't Take Our Word for It


    Here are some insights from our clients.


  • Headway has been a tremendous partner for us. Their responsiveness, accuracy and passion for customer service is outstanding.  Headway’s support allows us to focus on our core business knowing that our billing, collections, payroll and other back-office needs are well managed.  Without hesitation, I highly recommend Headway Workforce Solutions!   


    — Founder and Principal, HR & Career Management Firm

  • We have been working with Headway since 2016, which is over 5 years now!  Headway’s customer service far supersedes any of the other organizations we worked with in the past.  We have thrown them many challenges over the years, and they have always risen to those challenges.  Their processes and procedures have made our lives easier. They are flexible and responsive to any curveball that may come our way.  All members of the organization are very approachable and responsive. They have an excellent consultative approach to all new and different projects.  Their expertise in payroll across the country has helped us greatly, especially in those we were unfamiliar with. In addition, we can tell the organization truly cares about us as a client as well as the employees they service. 


    — Executive Director, Education and Staffing Solutions

  • From helping us create and build an onboarding system that fits our needs, to payroll and reporting that helps keep us on track, to HR support in sticky situations, the Headway team is always there with solutions that help better our business and help our teams have the best possible experience while being employed and working at our seasonal locations.    


    — Regional Manager in the Retail Industry

  • I wanted to take this moment to thank some of the people at Headway for all the above and beyond support your teams have continued to provide us with … THANK YOU!  


    — Regional Manager in the Retail Industry

  • We are strictly a seasonal business with zero year-round employees which means we start from scratch each year.  The Headway Team helps support us in this unique and crazy business by onboarding, handling payroll and all HR support to a brand-new team each season and much more! 


    — Regional Manager in the Retail Industry

  • We had been looking into bringing our concession operation in-house for years, but the fear of doubling our seasonal workforce always worried us. When we finally decided to do it bringing on Headway as a partner has made the transition seamless. They have given us the support needed to ramp up our staffing and be able to focus on customer service and making great food for our great fans.


    — General Manager in the Events and Entertainment Industry

  • Our organization's recent run of phenomenal growth in social science/survey research could not have occurred without the responsiveness and cost-effectiveness of Headway’s nationwide data collection staffing experience and strategic employment solutions. Headway has been a valued and trusted partner for nearly 15 years.


    — VP of Survey Research

  • We feel very fortunate to have found Headway at this stage in our organization’s growth. With studies operating in North Carolina and New York City, we needed temporary help for high volume survey administration and consent gathering. Headway staff recruited our local part-time helpers, who have been consistently reliable and dedicated to helping us produce high-quality research. As a growing research firm, we are now in the process of hiring six to ten new full-time employees to work on studies in a number of states and we are again turning to Headway to help us recruit, this time for our own full-time employees. Having this recruiting partner and leveraging their systems, expertise and reach, allows us to focus on what we do well rather than get overwhelmed with a short-term need to recruit. Alan, Laurie, and Ruth have all been professional, empathic, and dedicated to finding us the right people.


    — Director of Projects in the Policy and Research Industry

  • Headway exceeded our expectations by providing us with top of the line support for our staffing needs. They became a true extension of our team, adopting our initiatives as their own in order to ensure a streamlined effort to achieve our goals above and beyond.


    — Sr. Manager, Field Sales and Customer Activation

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