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    Headway was chosen by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) to provide Payroll, Human Resources and Benefits Administration services to RTI regarding its contract workforce nationwide. While on assignment with our client, RTI, Headway will be your employer. Headway is your point of contact for all Human Resource, Payroll and Benefits related needs.

    Please select the appropriate section for your position below. For RTI/Headway contact information, the Onsite Team Contact List is to the right under Menu Options. For updates to your employee/new hire documentation, like mailing address or legal name changes, please visit Headway’s Worker Portal – myHeadway.com.

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    For benefit-releated questions, please contact Headway’s Benefits Administrator, Briona Stevenson at 919-424-1059 or bstevenson@headwaycorp.com.


    Health Awareness

    For Workplace Injuries/Worker’s Compensation questions, please contact Headway’s WC Representative Tamie Jones at 844.901.3400 or tjones@headwaycorp.com